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      This is a page on GAP 3, which is still available, but no longer supported. The present version is GAP 4  (See  Status of GAP 3).

      How to cite GAP 3

      If you have used GAP 3 in the preparation of a paper please cite it as described below. (In case you use GAP 4 please see how to cite GAP 4.)

      [S+ 97]
      Martin Schönert et.al. GAP -- Groups, Algorithms, and Programming -- version 3 release 4 patchlevel 4. Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik, Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule, Aachen, Germany, 1997.

      If you have (predominantly) used a particular GAP 3 share package, please cite this package in addition to GAP 3 itself, as suggested here.

      If you are using BibTeX, you can use the following BibTeX entry

          RWTH = "Rheinisch Westf{\accent127 a}lische
                  Technische Hoch\-schule"}
          RWTHLDFM = "Lehrstuhl D f{\accent127 u}r Mathematik,
                      Rheinisch Westf{\accent127 a}lische
                      Technische Hoch\-schule"}
          RWTH-A = "Aachen, Germany"}
        author        = "Martin Sch{\accent127 o}nert and others",
        title         = "{GAP} -- {Groups}, {Algorithms}, and
                         {Programming} -- version 3 release 4
                         patchlevel 4",
        year          = "1997",
        organization  = RWTHLDFM,
        address       = RWTH-A,
        notes         = "PAGES: 1571",
        keywords      = "groups; *; gap; manual"

      If you are not using BibTeX, here is the bibliography entry produced by BibTeX (in bibliography style `alpha'). You can use this inside the bibliography environment of LaTeX.

                  Martin Sch{\accent127 o}nert et~al.
        \newblock {\em {GAP} --
                  {Groups}, {Algorithms}, and {Programming} --
                  version 3 release 4 patchlevel 4"}.
        \newblock Lehrstuhl D f{\accent127 u}r Mathematik,
                  Rheinisch Westf{\accent127 a}lische
                  Technische Hoch\-schule, Aachen, Germany, 1997.

      We also would be indebted if you inform us about your papers citing GAP by sending a short note to support@gap-system.org.