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      This is a page on GAP 3, which is still available, but no longer supported. The present version is GAP 4  (See  Status of GAP 3).

      Download GAP 3

      First of all read the page Status of GAP 3.

      The latest version is GAP 3.4.4. of April 1997.
      There are 13 bugfixes for this version. Be sure to have a look on these as well.

      A simplified GAP 3.4.4 Installation:

      GAP 3 for Linux (i686 architecture) and Windows.

      Frank L├╝beck has created an executable of the currently released version of GAP 3.4.4 for Linux on i686 machines. See his page


      The executable is produced with some optimized compiler settings and is statically linked. It can use up to 2 GB of memory on his machine.

      His archive includes in addition to the main archive gap3r4p4.zoo from the GAP site: the content of all bugfix files, the optimized Linux executable gap3r4p4/bin/gap-static-linux-i686, the Windows executable gap3r4p4/bin/gapdjg.exe, precompiled manuals gap3r4p4/doc/manual.dvi and gap3r4p4/doc/manual.pdf, newer versions of some share packages (Specht, MeatAxe, Sisyphos), and two additional packages (AREP, and Monoid). Some file permissions were changed to more reasonable values.

      Another distribution of GAP 3.4.4 is provided by Jean Michel . In that version packages whose functionality is available in GAP 4 are stripped off, and newer versions of some remaining packages (in particular CHEVIE) are included. Go to


      to download that version.

      Standard Distribution:

      There is a README file that explains how to get and to install GAP 3.

      The collection of files described below on this page provides archives for different types of installations.

      You will first have to create a GAP home directory to which all archives expand. Go to this directory and expand the files there.

      If you have problems downloading zoo files read the page Loading zoo files.

      I)  All-in-one files

      Note that some of these files are rather large. You will find suitable extractor programs below.

      Omnibus edition. Contains everything except MAC specific files and binaries.
      PC Omnibus edition. Contains everything usable on a PC under DOS/Windows. (Excludes pkgbin344, includes PC binary).
      MAC Omnibus edition. Contains everything usable on a Macintosh. (Excludes pkgbin344). You will still have to get the MAC binaries

      II)  Share Package archives

      Sizes given exclude binaries. Those packages marked with a * provide functionality without further binaries and thus are usable on PC or MAC systems as well.

      ANU p-Quotient (1.3M)
      ANU Soluble quotient (.7M)
      AREP (Constructive representation theory)
      autag344.zoo *
      Automorphism of AgGroups (.2M)
      chevie344.zoo *
      Chevalley groups (1.4M)
      Cohomology (.7M)
      cryst344.zoo *
      Crystallographic groups (.4M)
      dce344.zoo *
      Double coset enumerator (.3M)
      gliss344.zoo *
      Nearrings (13M)
      grape344.zoo *
      Graphs and Geometries (1.1M)
      grim344.zoo *
      Integral matrices (39k)
      guava344.zoo *
      Codes (3M)
      Knuth-Bendix/Automatic groups (1M)
      matrix344.zoo *
      Matrix group recognition (1.4M)
      C-MeatAxe (1.4M)
      monoid.zoo *
      Monoid (100k)
      Nilpotent quotient (.2M)
      Policyclic quotient (.6M)
      Group rings of p-groups (1.6M) This is a newer version than the originally released one, that fixes a bug in the isomorphism test.
      specht-new.zoo *
      Decomposition matrices of Hecke algebras and symmetric groups. (.6M)
      Module enumerator (.6M)
      Graphical interface (1.2M)
      xmod344.zoo *
      Crossed modules (1.8M)

      III)  Unzoo and precompiled binaries

      Unzoo source cod

      Source for 'unzoo' to uncompress the 'zoo' archives. You will have to #define which type of system you are using.

      PC binaries for Windows:

      GAP binary (compressed)
      Windows-Specific installation documentation

      Macintosh binaries

      Binaries for 68k MACs
      Binaries for PowerMACs
      MAC-Specific installation documentation

      Unix binaries


      Please tell us if you installed GAP 3

      We ask you to inform us when you have downloaded and installed GAP 3. To do so you may use the installation feedback form. Alternatively you may write a brief email letter to the address GAP informing us about your name and organisation, the type of installation, and possibly your area of mathematical interest.