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      This is a page on GAP 3, which is still available, but no longer supported. The present version is GAP 4  (See  Status of GAP 3).

      GAP 3 Data Libraries

      See also the corresponding GAP 4 page.

      GAP 3 contains several data libraries. From the following list you can reach an individual page for each of them, giving information about the content of that data library, its author(s), and a pointer to the associated manual section which provides a more explicit documentation.

      Further, on that page information on the respective GAP 4 data library and a link to its web page is given.

      Note that several of the GAP 3 data libraries have been extended, and further ones have been added in GAP 4.

      • Small Groups   by E. O'Brien, B. Eick, and H. U. Besche
        All groups of size up to 1000 (except 512 and 768).
      • Perfect Groups   by D. Holt and W. Plesken
        Almost all perfect groups of size up to 10^6.
      • Transitive Permutation Groups   by A. Hulpke
        Transitive permutation groups of degree up to 22.
      • Primitive Permutation Groups   by C. Sims
        Primitive permutation groups of degree up to 50.
      • Soluble Primitive Permutation Groups   by M. Short
        Soluble primitive permutation groups of degree up to 243.
      • Irreducible Solvable Matrix Groups   by M. Short
        Irreducible solvable subgroups of GL(V) for |V| up to 243.
      • Integral Matrix Groups   by G. Nebe and W. Plesken
        Irreducible maximal finite integral matrix groups of dimension up to 24.
      • Space Groups   by H. Brown, R. Bülow, J. Neubüser, H. Wondratschek, and H. Zassenhaus
        Crystallographic groups of dimension up to 4.
      • Tables of Marks   by G. Pfeiffer and T. Merkwitz
        Tables of marks for many almost simple groups.
      • Character Tables   by T. Breuer and many other people
        All character tables in the ATLAS and the Modular ATLAS and many further ones.