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      This is a page on GAP 3, which is still available, but no longer supported. The present version is GAP 4  (See  Status of GAP 3).

      GAP 3 Deposited Contributions

      See also the corresponding GAP 4 page.

      Over the years several pieces of code for GAP 3 have been made available by users of GAP 4 to other users. You can find these in the '

      The routines provided on this page are user contributions that have not been checked in any way by the GAP team. So while we will try to help where we can we may be unable to do so.

      Routines written in the GAP 3 language

      1. AbStab.g, AbStab.doc
        representing elements of a permutation group in terms of its generators,
        by Philip Osterlund, about Feb 1994
      2. stamp.g, stamp.doc
        routines for computing in very large permutation groups,
        by Steve Linton, about Mar 1994
      3. WeylMod.g, WeylMod.doc
        routines working with representations of simple complex Lie algebras, providing:
        + definitions of Killing form for all finite simple Lie algebras, and all affine Lie algebras (Kac-Moody algebras), both direct and twisted.
        + Weyl's equation for the dimension of a representation given its highest weight.
        + Freudenthal's recursive algorithm to generate all weights and multiplicities of a representation given its highest weight,

        by Jacob Hirbawi, about Mar 1994
      4. ctpg.g, ctpgexam.g
        GAP 3.3 functions to compute the abelian invariants of the complete preimage of a subgroup of a homomorphic image of a finitely presented group,
        by Werner Nickel, about Jul 1994
      5. semigroup.g, semigroup.doc
        semigroup functions,
        by Marcel Widi, contact Tim Boykett, about Sep 1994
      6. IRTransversal.g
        functions for looping through a list of right coset representatives for a permutation group modulo some subgroup, but without producing such a list,
        by Frank Luebeck, about Nov 1994 (?)
      7. coco.grp, coco.tex
        function for constructing the primitive permutation representations of the simple groups of order less than 10^6, except for the two-dimensional linear groups,
        converted by Heiko Theißen, from COCO format to GAP, about Jul 1995
      8. moddist.tar.z
        routines for computing with modules over matrix group # algebras,
        by Michael J. Smith, about Nov 1995 (?)
      9. formation.tar.gz
        definition and handling of formations, formation-theoretic subgroups of finite soluble groups, i.e. F-residual subgroups, F-normalizers, and F-covering subgroups,
        by Bettina Eick, about Dec 1995
      10. groupring,
        functions for group rings,
        by Philip Osterlund, about Feb 1996
      11. glatcc-1.0.tar.gz,
        patch for XGAP 1.3 to support lattices of conjugacy classes,
        by Franz Gähler, about Mar 1996
      12. notting.g
        a function to compute finite factors of the Nottingham groups over fields of prime order,
        by Levente Levai, about Sep 1996
      13. approx.g,
        functions to compute rational approximations for cyclotomic field elements,
        by Sebastian Egner, about Sep 1996
      14. presepi.g,
        search for epimorphism(s) from a finitely presented group onto a permutation group,
        by Levente Levai, about Sep 1996
      15. embedsub.g,
        routines for testing embedding properties like pro-/ab-/paranormality,
        by Vitaliy Mysovskikh, May 1997
      16. decimal.g,
        Routines for fixed precision floating point real and complex arithmetic
        by Jean Michel, May 1997
      17. ONE.zoo,
        A set of functions supporting computation of orbits on modules restricted from irreducible C-modules
        by K. Magaard, S.Shpectorov, Sep 97
      18. invling.g,
        A function to check if a graph is a line graph (needs GRAPE),
        by Dima Pasechnik, Oct 1997
      19. lag.g,
        LAG - Lie Algebras of Group Algebras
        by Richard Rosmanith, Nov 1997
      20. cosettab.zoo,
        Functions to compute a coset table if a permutation image is already given. The archive contains a worked example.
        by V. Felsch, J. Neubüser, Feb 1998
      21. maxsolgroup.g,
        Library of maximal solvable subgroups of a prime degree special linear group.
        by Alla Detinko, Mar 1998
      22. gpl.g and gpl.ps.gz,
        Library of presentations of groups related to sporadic simple groups, words for generators of subgroups of interest and associated utility functions.
        by Roderik Lindenbergh, Oct 1998
      23. PrimitiveInvariant.g
        Contains programs to compute primitive invariants, polynomials that characterize subgroups of the symmetric group and that are of use in Galois theory.
        by Ines Abdeljaouad, December 1999.
      Some contributions that had been on this page have become refereed share packages in the meantime and are not listed here any longer.


      1. nrsg.diss.ps.gz, Documentation about nearring functions,
        by C.Nöbauer, contact Tim Boykett, about Aug 1995
      2. xgap1r3-dvi.zoo
        DVI-File of the XGAP manual
        by Frank Celler, April 1997

      External programs and Interface routines

      1. gap.m, math.g, gapmath.doc
        translator: GAP to Mathematica and Mathematica to GAP,
        by Sebastian Egner, about Apr 1994


      1. emacs-gap-mode-1.96.tar.gz, emacs-gap-mode.readme
        GAP mode for emacs,
        by Michael J. Smith, about Feb 1993
      2. fisk.zoo
        translator: GAP manual to EMACS info format,
        by Steve Fisk, about Aug 1994
      3. split.zoo, split-merge.doc
        splits and merges large files into smaller pieces, useful when transferring files on floppy disk,
        uploaded by Steve Linton, about Nov 1995