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      GAP Manuals Online

      Here are HTML and PDF versions of the manuals of the GAP 4.11.0 core system.

      Book name            Description
      Tutorial[PDF]     Tutorial, getting started with GAP
      Reference[PDF]     The GAP reference manual
      HPC-GAP[PDF]     HPC-GAP Reference Manual

      There is also a common preface for main GAP manuals.

      Package manuals

      The following manuals of current GAP packages are also available.

      Book name            Description
      4ti2Interface[PDF]     A link to 4ti2
      ACE[PDF]     Advanced Coset Enumerator
      AClib[PDF]     Almost Crystallographic Groups - A Library and Algorithms
      AGT[PDF]     Algebraic Graph Theory
      Alnuth[PDF]     Algebraic number theory and an interface to PARI/GP
      ANUPQ[PDF]     ANU p-Quotient
      AtlasRep[PDF]     A GAP Interface to the Atlas of Group Representations
      AutoDoc[PDF]     Generate documentation from GAP source code
      Automata[PDF]     A package on automata
      AutomGrp[PDF]     Automata groups
      AutPGrp[PDF]     Computing the Automorphism Group of a p-Group
      Browse[PDF]     browsing applications and ncurses interface
      CAP[PDF]     Categories, Algorithms, Programming
      CaratInterface[PDF]     Interface to CARAT, a crystallographic groups package
      CddInterface[PDF]     Gap interface to Cdd package
      Circle[PDF]     Adjoint groups of finite rings
      cohomolo[PDF]     Cohomology groups of finite groups on finite modules
      Congruence[PDF]     Congruence subgroups of SL(2,Integers)
      CoReLG[PDF]     Computing with real Lie algebras
      CRIME[PDF]     A GAP Package to Calculate Group Cohomology and Massey Products
      CRISP[PDF]     Computing with Radicals, Injectors, Schunck classes and Projectors
      crypting[PDF]     Hashes and Crypto in GAP
      Cryst[PDF]     Computing with crystallographic groups
      CrystCat[PDF]     The crystallographic groups catalog
      CTblLib[PDF]     The GAP Character Table Library
      Cubefree[PDF]     Constructing the Groups of a Given Cubefree Order
      curlInterface[PDF]     Simple Web Access
      cvec[PDF]     Compact vectors over finite fields
      datastructures[PDF]     Collection of standard data structures for GAP
      DeepThought[PDF]     This package provides functions for computations in finitely generated nilpotent groups based on the Deep Thought algorithm.
      DESIGN[PDF]     The Design Package for GAP
      DifSets[PDF]     an algorithm for enumerating all difference sets in a group
      Digraphs[PDF]     Graphs, digraphs, and multidigraphs in GAP
      EDIM[PDF]     Elementary Divisors of Integer Matrices
      Example[PDF]     Example/Template of a GAP Package
      ExamplesForHomalg[PDF]     Examples for the GAP Package homalg
      FactInt[PDF]     Advanced Methods for Factoring Integers
      ferret[PDF]     Backtrack Search in Permutation Groups
      FGA[PDF]     Free Group Algorithms
      FinInG[PDF]     Finite Incidence Geometry
      float[PDF]     Integration of mpfr, mpfi, mpc, fplll and cxsc in GAP
      FORMAT[PDF]     Computing with formations of finite solvable groups.
      Forms[PDF]     Sesquilinear and Quadratic
      FPLSA[PDF]     Finitely Presented Lie Algebras
      FR[PDF]     Computations with functionally recursive groups
      Francy[PDF]     Framework for Interactive Discrete Mathematics
      fwtree[PDF]     Computing trees related to some pro-p-groups of finite width
      GAPDoc[PDF]     A Meta Package for GAP Documentation
      Gauss[PDF]     Extended Gauss functionality for GAP
      GaussForHomalg[PDF]     Gauss functionality for the homalg project
      GBNP[PDF]     computing Gr?bner bases of noncommutative polynomials
      GeneralizedMorphismsForCAP[PDF]     Implementations of generalized morphisms for the CAP project
      genss[PDF]     Generic Schreier-Sims
      GradedModules[PDF]     A homalg based package for the Abelian category of finitely presented graded modules over computable graded rings
      GradedRingForHomalg[PDF]     Endow Commutative Rings with an Abelian Grading
      GRAPE[PDF]     GRaph Algorithms using PErmutation groups
      groupoids[PDF]     Calculations with finite groupoids and their homomorphisms
      GrpConst[PDF]     Constructing the Groups of a Given Order
      Guarana[PDF]     Applications of Lie methods for computations with infinite polycyclic groups
      GUAVA[PDF]     a GAP package for computing with error-correcting codes
      HAP[PDF]     Homological Algebra Programming
      HAPcryst[PDF]     A HAP extension for crystallographic groups
      hecke[PDF]     Calculating decomposition matrices of Hecke algebras
      HeLP[PDF]     Hertweck-Luthar-Passi method.
      homalg[PDF]     A homological algebra meta-package for computable Abelian categories
      HomalgToCAS[PDF]     A window to the outer world
      idrel[PDF]     Identities among relations
      images[PDF]     Minimal and Canonical images
      IntPic[PDF]     A package for drawing integers
      IO[PDF]     Bindings for low level C library I/O routines
      IO_ForHomalg[PDF]     IO capabilities for the homalg project
      IRREDSOL[PDF]     A library of irreducible soluble linear groups over finite fields and of finite primivite soluble groups
      ITC[PDF]     Interactive Todd-Coxeter
      json[PDF]     Reading and Writing JSON
      JupyterKernel[PDF]     Jupyter kernel written in GAP
      JupyterViz[PDF]     Visualization Tools for Jupyter and the GAP REPL
      kan[PDF]     including double coset rewriting systems
      kbmag[PDF]     Knuth-Bendix on Monoids and Automatic Groups
      LAGUNA[PDF]     Lie AlGebras and UNits of group Algebras
      LieAlgDB[PDF]     A database of Lie algebras
      LiePRing[PDF]     Database and algorithms for Lie p-rings
      LieRing[PDF]     Computing with finitely presented Lie rings
      LinearAlgebraForCAP[PDF]     Category of Matrices over a Field for CAP
      LocalizeRingForHomalg[PDF]     A Package for Localization of Polynomial Rings
      loops[PDF]     Computing with quasigroups and loops in GAP
      lpres[PDF]     Nilpotent Quotients of L-Presented Groups
      MajoranaAlgebras[PDF]     A package for constructing Majorana algebras and representations
      MapClass[PDF]     A Package For Mapping Class Orbit Computation
      matgrp[PDF]     Matric Group Interface Routines
      MatricesForHomalg[PDF]     Matrices for the homalg project
      ModIsom[PDF]     Computing automorphisms and checking isomorphisms for modular group algebras of finite p-groups
      ModulePresentationsForCAP[PDF]     Category R-pres for CAP
      Modules[PDF]     A homalg based package for the Abelian category of finitely presented modules over computable rings
      MonoidalCategories[PDF]     Monoidal and monoidal (co)closed categories
      NConvex[PDF]     A Gap package to perform polyhedral computations
      Nilmat[PDF]     Computing with nilpotent matrix groups
      NoCK[PDF]     NoCK-Package for computing obstruction for compact Clifford-Klein forms.
      NormalizInterface[PDF]     GAP wrapper for Normaliz
      nq[PDF]     Nilpotent Quotients of Finitely Presented Groups
      NumericalSgps[PDF]     A package for numerical semigroups
      OpenMath[PDF]     OpenMath functionality in GAP
      orb[PDF]     Methods to enumerate orbits
      PackageManager[PDF]     Easily download and install GAP packages
      PatternClass[PDF]     A permutation pattern class package
      permut[PDF]     A package to deal with permutability in finite groups
      Polenta[PDF]     Polycyclic presentations for matrix groups
      Polycyclic[PDF]     Computation with polycyclic groups
      PolymakeInterface[PDF]     A package to provide algorithms for fans and cones of polymake to other packages
      polymaking[PDF]     Interfacing the geometry software polymake
      PrimGrp[PDF]     GAP Primitive Permutation Groups Library
      profiling[PDF]     Line by line profiling and code coverage for GAP
      QPA[PDF]     Quivers and Path Algebras
      QuaGroup[PDF]     Computations with quantum groups
      RadiRoot[PDF]     Roots of a Polynomial as Radicals
      RCWA[PDF]     Residue-Class-Wise Affine Groups
      RDS[PDF]     A package for searching relative difference sets
      recog[PDF]     A collection of group recognition methods
      RepnDecomp[PDF]     Decompose representations of finite groups into irreducibles
      Repsn[PDF]     Constructing representations of finite groups
      ResClasses[PDF]     Set-Theoretic Computations with Residue Classes
      RingsForHomalg[PDF]     Dictionaries of external rings
      SCO[PDF]     SCO - Simplicial Cohomology of Orbifolds
      SCSCP[PDF]     Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol in GAP
      Semigroups[PDF]     A package for semigroups and monoids
      SglPPow[PDF]     Database of groups of prime-power order for some prime-powers
      SgpViz[PDF]     A package for semigroup visualization
      simpcomp[PDF]     A GAP toolbox for simplicial complexes
      singular[PDF]     A GAP interface to Singular
      SLA[PDF]     Computing with simple Lie algebras
      SmallGrp[PDF]     The GAP Small Groups Library
      Smallsemi[PDF]     A library of small semigroups
      SONATA[PDF]     System of nearrings and their applications
      Sophus[PDF]     Computing in nilpotent Lie algebras
      SpinSym[PDF]     Brauer tables of spin-symmetric groups
      SymbCompCC[PDF]     Computing with parametrised presentations for p-groups of fixed coclass
      Thelma[PDF]     A package on threshold elements
      TomLib[PDF]     The GAP Library of Tables of Marks
      ToolsForHomalg[PDF]     Special methods and knowledge propagation tools
      Toric[PDF]     toric varieties and some combinatorial geometry computations
      ToricVarieties[PDF]     A package to handle toric varieties
      TransGrp[PDF]     Transitive Groups Library
      Unipot[PDF]     Computing with elements of unipotent subgroups of Chevalley groups
      UnitLib[PDF]     Library of normalized unit groups of modular group algebras
      utils[PDF]     Utility functions in GAP
      uuid[PDF]     RFC 4122 UUIDs
      walrus[PDF]     A new approach to proving hyperbolicity
      Wedderga[PDF]     Wedderburn Decomposition of Group Algebras
      XGAP[PDF]     a graphical user interface for GAP
      XMod[PDF]     Crossed Modules and Cat1-Groups
      XModAlg[PDF]     Crossed Modules and Cat1-Algebras
      YangBaxter[PDF]     Combinatorial Solutions for the Yang-Baxter equation
      ZeroMQInterface[PDF]     ZeroMQ bindings for GAP