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      The GAP Forum Archive

      The GAP Forum is a discussion list where GAP related topics are discussed. An archive of the postings in the Forum has been kept from the beginning in 1992. Since December 2003 this archive is administrated using the 'mailman' program. Its contents can be obtained in the

      Archive of postings since December 2003.

      Earlier postings are kept in an archive created by a private program 'miles'. They can be found via the following indices.

      Index by Date

      1992  1993  1994  1995  1996  1997  1998  1999  2000  2001  2002  2003

      Index by Author

      Sorted by last name:
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      Index by Subject

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      If you want to participate in the discussion in the Forum you have to subscribe to it. For this you can use the mailman page.

      Feel free also to send us any comments, suggestions, wishlists, offers for help, complaints ... via the address support@gap-system.org.

      You can also search the GAP web site.