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      Main Branches

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      The Computational Algebra System GAP Support Group

      This is the web page for the Support Group of the mathematical software package GAP.

      The preferred way to submit bug reports is to use the GAP issue tracker on GitHub. Alternatively, you may send them to support@gap-system.org. When using email, please mention the version of GAP and the operating system you are using. Also, please don't attach any log files, suggested patches etc. because this mailing list blocks attachments - put all the text into the body of email instead.

      If you don't find instructions helping you do the computation you wish to do in the examples or online documentation, perhaps the Support Group can help as well. In general, we recommend to contact support@gap-system.org with questions that are not likely to be interesting for the several hundred subscribers of the GAP Forum, or to forum@gap-system.org, if you think they may be a general interest.

      Please do not normally write to the individual members of the Support Group. Each of them will see all questions sent to support@gap-system.org, but they will be also seen by a broader pool of people, and the answers will be recorded and might help others in the future.

      The present members of the Support Group are:

      • Laurent Bartholdi
      • Thomas Breuer
      • Bettina Eick
      • Franz G?hler
      • Greg Gamble
      • Willem de Graaf
      • Burkhard H?fling
      • Max Horn
      • Alexander Hulpke
      • David Joyner
      • Stefan Kohl
      • Alexander Konovalov
      • Steve Linton
      • Frank L├╝beck
      • John McDermott
      • James Mitchell
      • Max Neunh?ffer
      • Dmitrii Pasechnik
      • Jack Schmidt